It’s an indescribable feeling when three young like-minded individuals can come together to establish an organization that years ago seemed impossible. Through months of planning we decided to launch Pillars of Change Non Profit Organization.

Growing up in a traditional African household and being raised in a more liberated community, we noticed that there tends to be a belief in society that our generation can only rise to a certain level of success for them to be good but just not as good. Or our generation has to act and look a certain way to be considered strong so that it does not disrupt the flow and dynamics of society. However, that stigma does not define who we are or how we should coexist as a group of people. We have to have a mutual understanding and a realization that it is all about being secure with who you are and what you believe in.

Our core scripture behind Pillars of Change is “The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone. We as young people are not second best; we are more than capable of holding leadership positions, becoming business owners, astronauts, judges, scientists, and Pillars in our communities. Young people have all the resources and opportunities to succeed pass what society says they should be. We have to learn to lift ourselves up and encourage ourselves to have a healthy resilience against negativity. Pillars of Change wants every young person to walk together in excellence, strive to be a key player in helping one another grow and making sure that our fellow brothers and sisters find their true purpose in life.

For all collaboration and community service inquiries contact us at pillarsofchange.01@gmail.com


New York, USA

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